The Scoring Machine You’ve Never Heard Of

“When Kevin Bradshaw became an assistant basketball coach at Point Loma Nazarene University in San Diego in 2008, he realized he was the answer to a trivia question:

Whatever happened to Kevin Bradshaw?

‘When I started [at PLNU] and we would go around to different places and the head coach would introduce me, people would say, ‘Hey, I always wondered what happened to you,’’ he said. Some people told him they thought he ‘just fell off the face of the earth.’

And, in a basketball sense, he had.”

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Basketball’s Greatest Unknown Talent

“ESPN, there’s a call on line one. Don’t leave Kevin Bradshaw hanging… So pick up the phone, ESPN; everyone needs to be reminded. We want you to take on ‘Shooting for Home.’ Kevin Bradshaw may have stopped asking for the respect he should have received long ago, but that’s no reason to snub his story one last time. He deserves it.”

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Shooting for Home Scores

“Greg Kappy’s documentary Shooting for Home knocks out the competition with its touching story of gifted but troubled basketball player Kevin Bradshaw overcoming his demons and scoring big. Well made, informative, and emotional, the documentary’s excellent storytelling and editing provide an intelligent look at an almost forgotten basketball talent.”

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“Shooting For Home” Captures Story of Kevin Bradshaw

Chris Price, a reporter for WCJB TV in Gainesville, Florida, interviewed director Greg Kappy about “Shooting for Home.” Kevin Bradshaw played high school basketball in Gainesville.
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